Bulk SMS

We have compiled the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about online SMS or bulk SMS for your further understanding.


  1. How do I register?
    Please submit the application form together with photocopy of your company’s registration form or personal identification card. Upon account creation, we will be in touch with you soonest and give you the URL, username and password.
  2. Do I need to install any Software?
    MySMS is web-based system where you just need a broadband connection and you may login with your unique username and password anytime, anywhere.
  3. How do I pay for the credits?
    You may get in touch with our Customer Care and an invoice will be sent to you with our bank details account inside. We accept 2 options of payment, by direct deposit or by cheque. As soon as we receive your deposit slip by email, we shall credit your account with credits.
  4. Is there any setup, maintenance, monthly fees?
    There is only a one-time setup fee at RM50 and subsequently there is no monthly fees and maintenance fees.
  5. Is there any expiry dates for the credits?
    The credits are valid for one calendar year.
  6. What kind of languages can I send SMS in?
    Our system supports sending SMS in English and Unicode (Chinese, Japanese etc) Language.
  7. How does your bulk SMS system work?
    Please review online SMS Malaysia diagram.
  8. How many characters per SMS?
    For Normal SMS in English, you may send up to 160 characters. But there’s new regulation from Telcos to include “RM0.00” in every SMS, so the normal SMS will be able to hold up to 153 characters. Unicode (Chinese) SMS will be able to hold up to 70 characters.
  9. What are the Sender IDs that will appear on user’s phone?
    • Maxis = 62003
    • DiGi = 66500
    • Celcom = 63600
    • UMobile = 66500
  10. Which networks and countries can I send the SMS to?
    You are able to send SMS to mobile phone subscribers in Malaysia and Singapore.  You may contact our Customer Care for the coverage in other countries and different cost per credit.
  11. How long can I keep track my report?
    You may view the outbox report for the SMS that have been sent at any time. Even you are able to export the report into Microsoft Excel file, in case you need it for your management use.
  12. Is my privacy protected?
    We take any precautions necessary to protect your private information including the content of your messages as well as your account and billing details. However, we expect you to act responsibly when accessing your account with username and password. Please limiting exposure to this information to as few persons as possible, in addition, regularly changing the password.
    You may also review our Privacy Policy.
  13. What is the customer care line if I need further assistance on SMS service?
    Please direct all product support and inquiries to Customer Care line +6012-4771487


Bulk SMS Malaysia

Bulk SMS Malaysia is one of the most popular marketing method being offered by MySMS Network Services.

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