Online SMS Reseller

Smart Phone SMS 3Online SMS Reseller Programme is specially designed for you to make instant money by enabling you to purchase SMS credits at wholesale price, decide your own profit margin and selling price, then resell them to your customers with your own brand. Online SMS Reseller Programme is like your own SMS text messaging solution that is integrated with global network connectivity, enabling your customers to send SMS text messages anywhere in the world under your private label.

Benefits to Become our Online SMS Reseller

  1. Minimal Startup/Investment:
    You can start your own brand and business as a reseller with very minimal startup or investment. All you need is one computer with internet connection. We provides you with a SMS gateway (SMS software), and has also borne the cost of getting into agreements with various mobile network operators, both local and oversea.
  2. No Business Overheads:
    There are no business overheads to manage except your marketing cost, the electricity bill for your computer and the Internet connection cost.
  3. High Profit:
    The difference in the sale price and purchase price of bulk SMS units is simply your profit. You decide the sale price and thereby you decide your profit. Since you purchase in bulk at wholesale cost, even the smallest difference between purchase and sale price gives you impressive profit month after month.
  4. Low Setup Time:
    As an Online SMS Reseller you can start your business instantly with your computer from your home or office. Most businesses need some time to setup. We all know time is money, therefore our experts take care of the setup for you.

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