2-Way SMS

Smart Phone SMS 2Two-way SMS allows you to receive inbound SMS messages. This 2-way functionality allows you to engage and interact with the audience and can increase the effectiveness of SMS broadcasting. The Two-way SMS feature works using a ‘Keyword’ as identifier of your messages. Use 2-way sms and short codes to maintain a direct line of communication with your customers in an effective and economical way.

It is actually two different services combined seamlessly together, one service for sending SMS to mobile phones (Outbound service – Bulk SMS) and another one to receive SMS from the mobile phones (Inbound services – SIM Hosting, Short Code / Long Code). An SMS Short Code is 5 digit number (i.e. 63001) is excellent for receiving texts and generating leads from potential customers.

2-way SMS Malaysia benefits to your business

  1. Receiving replies from your customer to your sent text messages is free (cost bear by your customer) – even if you’re currently located outside your main mobile coverage area.
  2. Get SMS replies sent direct to your MySMS2u account from anywhere in the world. Empower your business with SMS marketing campaigns that solicit feedback, customer data, or other information that can fuel your future success.
  3. No monthly maintenance fee, no hidden charge
  4. Personalised, direct and immediate interaction with customers


2-way SMS Malaysia Application

  1. SMS voting – reality shows, academic projects
  2. Marketing surveys – product preference, customer satisfaction
  3. Promotions – user opt-in/opt-out, location information

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